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Transfer 2016


Results for Parents

Results will be issued to parents on Saturday 30th January 2016

Results will be posted to the home address which you initially registered with us.  If you have moved house after you have completed your registration form, please contact the AQE Office to have this amended.

Results for Primary Schools

Results are automatically sent to the Primary School address.  A pro forma has been sent to you in October 2015 allowing you to request alternative arrangements. 

Results will be received via your regular post. Any queries regarding collection of results (on the morning of Saturday 30th January) should be directed to your local post office, not the AQE office. 

Please do not contact your test centre to obtain results. 

Please click on the following AQE link for all the key dates associated with the transfer process  https://aqetest.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/implementation-process1.pdf

Please click on the following link for Frequently Asked Questions in English https://aqetest.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/gs-15-18-faq-english.pdf which includes useful information about the format of results and remarking.  If you wish to access FAQ in Irish, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese and Chinese, these can be found on the AQE Ltd website.