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(The New Voluntary Co-Educational Grammar School in Enniskillen)

Newsletter 2


The Interim Board of Governors

The Interim Board of Governors (IBOG) agreed that it wished the New Voluntary Co-educational Grammar School, opening on 1 September 2016, formed by the amalgamation of the Collegiate Grammar School and Portora Royal School, Enniskillen, to be named Enniskillen Royal Grammar School.  The IBOG is pleased to announce that it has been informed by the Cabinet Office that the Sovereign has most graciously acceded to its request to have the use of this title.  The new school will be called Enniskillen Royal Grammar School (ERGS).

The IBOG of the ERGS has held nine full meetings at regular intervals, since its inaugural meeting in April, and has continued to progress and implement an Action Plan that has been updated at each meeting.  In addition to the meetings of the IBOG, in excess of twenty meetings have been held by five sub-committees and a Project Board – each of which has reported its progress to the IBOG.  Sub-committees have been established for the formulation of the Scheme of Management, the formulation of the Admissions Policy, Human Resources and Communications, Finance and Estates and Name, Uniform and Insignia.

ERGS will admit 130 pupils into Year 8.  The Admissions Criteria are published in the Education Authority Western Region’s (EAWR) website and a handbook is available for parents of primary school pupils.  The IBOG is grateful to the existing two schools for organising the Common Entrance Assessment, by the Association of Quality Education, in both schools.  The Department of Education (DE) wrote to the IBOG, proposing an initial enrolment number for the New School of 980, which represented a reduction of 20 places from the current enrolment of the two existing schools.  Following representation from the IBOG, the DE has agreed to increase the number so that the ERGS will have an enrolment of 990 pupils for 2016/17.  The long-term enrolment for the New School has been set at 900 pupils.

A Scheme of Management, Admissions Criteria and an Appointment Scheme for Teachers and Non-Teaching Staff, including the Terms and Conditions for the appointment of a Principal Designate, Bursar Designate and Administrative Assistant, have been agreed.  Applications for the post of Principal Designate, following an internal trawl, have been short-listed and interviews arranged.  A Bursar Designate has been appointed in accordance with the agreed procedures.

Applications for funding the Legal Advisors and Indemnity Insurance have been approved by the DE, as has funding for the posts of Principal Designate, Bursar Designate and Administrative Assistant.  Business Cases for additional requests for IBOG funding are being prepared as required.

A Project Board has been established by the DE to progress the Feasibility Study and compile a Business Case for a new build for ERGS.  Members of the Project Board include representatives from the IBOG, DE and the EAWR.  An initial scoping exercise has been carried out, to identify minor works that will be required to be implemented on the campuses of both existing schools, prior to the opening of ERGS on I September 2016.  At this time, no decision has been taken with regard to the location of a new build as the various options are being considered and, therefore, it is not known when approval for the new build will be granted.

A sub-committee has been working on many aspects of the school uniform.  It is appreciative of the very valued input from pupils of the two existing schools and for the contributions of their representatives.  Some clear guidelines have been established and progress made towards reaching agreement on colour, type, material and design, of the new uniform.  Work is also beginning on a new crest and insignia for ERGS, to replace those of the two existing schools which are to close.  The sub-committee is very aware of the cost implications and it has been agreed to adopt a phased introduction of the new uniform and sports gear.



IBOG – December 2015