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Portora is one of a number of 'free schools' founded by Royal Charter in 1608, by James I. Originally called Enniskillen Royal School, the school was established some ten years after the Royal Decree, in 1618, 15 miles outside Enniskillen at Ballybalfour, before moving to Enniskillen in 1661. It was not until 1778 that the school moved to its present location on Portora Hill, Enniskillen when the nucleus of the present school was built.

Formerly a boarding school, Portora now caters for 490 day students. Originally the school only accepted male pupils, but in the 20th century females were first admitted to Portora. The year 1979 saw a break from the tradition of the previous 361 years when a small number of girls were accepted as pupils. The number of girl pupils increased from the original 9 boarders and 2 daygirls of 1979 to a maximum of 31 girls in 1984.

Despite these changes, the school has sought to retain and promulgate the Christian values that enriched it during its long history. The school motto –Omnes Honorate – encapsulates the liberal influences that shaped the school through that history and which even now enrich us. We seek to ensure that the imperative of “Respect All” governs our actions.

The school draws its students from throughout County Fermanagh. It offers the Northern Ireland curricula up to the age of 16 and a range of AS and A2 courses at post 16. Our extra curricular opportunities are varied and through them we seek to raise self-esteem and motivation. We pride ourselves on the high academic standard achieved by our students without compromise to the education of the whole person.

I hope that you will enjoy your visit to our site and take time to read some of our history and our plans for future development. Portorans have been Olympians and Nobel Laureates, they have governed over British Colonies and led European Radicalism, they have been Soldiers and Statesmen, Lawyers and Litigants, Scholars and Poets, Businessmen and Bishops. One is under consideration by the Roman Catholic Church for beatification; another is regarded as a central icon of alternative life styles in the 20th Century. On such unique achievements will the present and future Portorans build.

In light of the development of the Arts at Portora, the school was granted specialist school status in the Arts - Performing and Visual, in 2007, by the Education Minister Caitríona Ruane. 

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